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Course 5f: Circles of Support

Suggested Readings & Viewings


Falvey, M., Forest, M., Pearpoint, J., & Rosenberg,R. All my life’s a circle: using the tools circles, maps & paths.

Ludlum, C. (1993 revised). One candle power: seven principles that enhance lives of people with disabilities and their communities. Toronto, ONT: Inclusion Press
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Sanderson, H. (2002). A plan is not enough: exploring the development of person-centered teams. In Holburn S. & Vietze P. Person-centered planning: research, practice and future directions. Baltimore, MD: Paul Brookes Publishing Co. Pp. 97-126.
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Shevin, M. (2002). Communication ally. In O’Brien & Lyle O’Brien, Eds. Implementing person-centered planning: voices of experience. Toronto, ONT: Inclusion Press. Pp. 197-214.
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Snow, J. (1998). Participation through support circles. In: O’Brien & Lyle O’Brien, Eds. A little book about person-centered planning. Toronto, ONT: Inclusion Press. Pp. 83-87.
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Make A Difference:
A Guidebook for Person-Centered Direct Support

Author: John O'Brien and Beth Mount
ISBN: 1-895418-62-3
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