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Course 2: Community Membership: Opportunities for Meaningful Interaction

Suggested Readings


O'Brien, J. and Lyle O'Brien, C. (1991) Members of Each Other: Building Community in Company with People with Developmental Disabilities Toronto, Canada: Inclusion Press.
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Wolfensberger, W. (1998) A Brief Introduction to Social Role Valorization: A High Order Concept for Addressing the Plight of Societally Devalued People and for Structuring Human Services (3rd (revised) edition). Syracuse, NY: Training Institue for Human Service Planning, Leadership, and Change Agentry (Syracuse University).
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Snow, J. and Pearpoint, J. What's Really Worth Doing and How to Do It and From Behind the Piano: The Building of Judith Snow's Unique Circle of Friends (1998) Toronto, Canada: Inclusion Press.
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Pancsofar, E. Positive Profiles: Building Community Together (1998) Augustine, Fla: Training Resource Network, Inc.
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Kretzmann, J., McKnight, J.L., Building Communities From The Inside-Out: A Path Towards Finding And Mobilizing A Community Asset.
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Flynn, R. and LeMay, R. (1999) A Quarter Century of Normalization and Social Role Valorization: Evolution and Impact. Ontario, Canada: University of Ottawa Press
University of Ottawa Press

ABCD in Action: When People Care Enough to Act
Asset Based Community Development

Authors: Mike Green with Henry Moore and John O’Brien
ISBN-13: 978-1-895418-74-3
ISBN-10: 1- 895418-74-7
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