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What is person-centered planning?

Person-centered planning is a forum through which people join in intentional efforts to support, expand and deepen the direct and visible contribution a person with a disability makes to community life. It recognizes, embraces and celebrates the gifts of diversity and shared humanity. This ultimately leads to greater inclusion as valued members of both community and society.

Person-centered planning involves the development of a "toolbox" of methods and resources that enable people with disability labels to choose their own pathways to success; the planners simply help them to figure out where they want to go and how best to get there.

In this site you will find:

  • an overview of the person-centered planning process
  • a self-study course covering the basic processes involved
  • a quiz section to help you focus on areas you may need to cover more thoroughly
  • a compendium of readings and activities for you to use on your own
  • various links and downloadable resources.
  • NEW!!

    The Yang-Tan Institute is proud to announce the development of two new related resources! The Citizen-Centered Leadership Development Community of Practice multi-module distance learning course and the Introduction to the Citizen-Centered Leadership Development webinar series. Check them out!

. . . all of which are geared toward facilitating and enhancing your awareness of and appreciation for person-centered planning. We think you will enjoy your visit with us!

Using a screen-reader program? No problem! This site is completely accessible, and all the study materials found here are available in text-only formats that you can download and peruse at your convenience.

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